MAVS 2000

Product Description

MAVS 2000 is a premium, polymer-modified, factory blended mortar specifically designed for bonding thin natural and manufactured adhered veneers, lightweight precast, most tile, and thin brick. The mortar is a mixture of portland cement, dried polymers, fine sand, and other proprietary additives that give MAVS 2000 excellent workability and sag resistance with greater efflorescence resistance and bond strength than standard Type S mortars. MAVS 2000’s advanced technology improves adhesion and is an excellent option for more challenging masonry applications, such as stacked stone and large/heavy veneers.

Basic Uses

MAVS 2000 is designed to bond natural stone and manufactured masonry veneers (including large format and heavy veneer), most tile, thin brick, brick, stone, and lightweight precast to solid surfaces such as concrete, brown coat, and masonry in residential and commercial, interior and exterior installations.

1. Masonry and CMU 2. Poured-in-place and tilt-up concrete* 3. Stucco brown coat 4. Cement backer units (per manufacturers’ specifications) 5. Portland cement mortar beds 6. Brick 7. Exterior grade plywood** 8. Gypsum sheathing**

*Release agent must be removed prior to installation of MAVS 2000; sandblasting or bead blasting is required. Water pressure is not acceptable.

**Interior use only

Downloadable Files

Product Data Sheet | SDS | MAVS Color Chart