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Omega Products International’s Crack Isolation System is an effective method used to reduce the appearance of surface cracking in new and existing plaster systems. With stucco cracking continuing to be one of the most common complaints from building owners, Omega’s Crack Isolation System is a cost effective way to improve customer satisfaction and reduce call backs or repairs. It is also a great choice for repairing or refreshing an existing stucco building that has surface cracking.

“We have seen a significant reduction in the number of stucco cracks in all types of buildings using the Crack Isolation System,” said Scott Christensen, President of the Denver Plaster Division of The Gallegos Corporation. “We have been very happy with the results and feel the system pays for itself with the reduction in repairs. It is an upgrade that we suggest to all of our customers.”

The Omega Crack Isolation System reduces stucco cracking by integrating woven fiberglass mesh into a polymer-modified base coat that is applied over the substrate prior to applying the stucco finish. This mesh helps to reinforce the plaster membrane, which reduces the appearance of cracks. The use of Omega’s Crack Isolation System can increase the overall system warranty period. Warranties of up to 15 years are available when used with additional Omega products.


Mesh ReinforcedReduces stucco surface cracking
Polymer-modified Base CoatsBonds to various substrates and water-resistant
System WarrantyUp to 15 year warranty when used in combination with other Omega products


Crack Isolation System is designed to mitigate surface cracking in new and existing plaster systems by integrating woven fiberglass mesh into a polymer-modified, cementitious base coat prior to applying the finish.  When properly installed, this mesh reinforces the stucco and helps to reduce the appearance of cracks.  It is an excellent choice to repair stucco cracking on existing walls.

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