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Diamond Wall One Coat Stucco Systems are code compliant plaster systems that create a long-lasting exterior cladding for residential and commercial projects.  One coat stucco has the appearance and advantages of traditional three coat stucco, but with increased energy efficiency, lower labor costs, and schedule savings. Diamond Wall One Coat is available either as the Diamond Wall Insulating System, Diamond Wall System, or the Diamond Wall PM System.   All three systems consist of a 3/8-inch minimum thick layer of Diamond wall base coat that is embedded in metal lath.  A variety of finish options are available including ColorTek stucco, AkroFlex acrylic stucco, OmegaFlex acrylic stucco, AkroLastic elastomeric stucco, and AkroCoat paint finishes.


Low Life-cycle CostsWill last decades with little maintenance
Durable and Impact ResistantCan withstand years of weather and physical abuse
Cement-basedFungus, rot, and insect resistant
Fire-resistantNon-combustible and available in 1-hour fire resistant rated assemblies
Variety of Finishes OptionsStucco, acrylic, stucco, paint, and stone are all finish options
Reduced Labor CostsOnly requires one base coat application
Shorter Construction ScheduleFinish coat can be applied in as little as 24-hours after the brown coat
Improved Energy EfficiencyInsulating value is increased when foam board is utilized
ConsistencyFactory blended mix requiring only sand and water to be added in the field
Lower WeightReduces the exterior cladding weight by approximately 50%
Omega SupportComes with an extended warranty and the best technical support in the industry


The Diamond Wall One Coat System is applied over approved a weather barrier and solid sheathing.  The Diamond Wall base coat is a factory prepared blend of portland cement, chopped fibers, and proprietary ingredients field mixed with sand, water, and an optional admix.

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One Coat Stucco System Diamond Wall
Insulated One Coat Stucco System Diamond Wall


The Diamond Wall Insulating One Coat System includes a layer of foam board insulation that may be applied over open wall framing or optional sheathing.  The foam board greatly increases the R-value of the wall assembly, which improves the energy efficiency of the building.

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The Diamond Wall Pro One Coat System is a polymer-modified version of Diamond Wall that offers an upgrade to current one coat stucco systems by providing improved crack resistance, flexural and tensile strength, and impact resistance.   The system is available as insulated and non-insulated.

NOTE: The Diamond Wall Pro System replaces the Diamond Wall PM System.

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