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AkroTique is a pigmented acrylic sealer designed to create a rustic, mottled finish similar to the timeless beauty of century old plaster. AkroTique offers an “Old World” look that does not take a lifetime to create.

AkroTique is used as an antique stain and/or sealer over acrylic-based, lime-based or cement-based finishes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While every effort was made to color match the samples, the colors represented in the color collections and on this website are approximations only. The colors displayed on the website may vary depending on the monitor settings. Colors printed from the website may differ from actual colors. Actual color of applied product will vary due to climatic conditions, job conditions, method of application, mixing techniques, and other factors that are beyond the control of Omega Products International. Final selection must be made from actual product applied by the applicator under actual job conditions to ensure color accurately.

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