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Omega Products International’s AkroGuard system is an assembly of air & water-resistive materials (WR-AB) that offers superior protection against water and air intrusion. Spray, roll, or brush applied, AkroGuard is easy to apply, seamless, and durable.


Water ResistantPrevents moisture through wall assembly
Air TightProtects against air leakage and resulting energy loses
Low VOCSafe and non-toxic; no special handling
DurableDoes not tear; seamless; UV resistant
Strong AdhesionDoes not require fasteners; acceptable surface for EPS bonding
Vapor PermeableAllows wall assembly to breathe, which helps prevent mold growth
FlexibleWithstands movement
VersatileCan be used behind wall claddings other than stucco or EIFS, such as masonry or vinyl siding


The AkroGuard WR-AB Assembly consists of a field applied, non-cementitious, flexible coating and joint/transition treatments that create a water-resistive air barrier assembly over approved substrates. The first step in the AkroGuard system is to treat all the rough openings, sheathing joints, penetrations, flashings, and fastener heads. There are three joint/transition treatment options:

  1. AkroFill with AkroFlex Starter Mesh: AkroFill is a non-cementitious, ready-mixed, flexible joint compound that is manufactured with high-grade fiber fillers and 100% acrylic polymers. AkroFlex Reinforcing Mesh is a 4.5oz, alkali-resistant woven glass fiber fabric.
  2. AkroGuard with AkroGuard Fabric: AkroGuard Fabric is a reinforced non-woven polyester fabric.
  3. Self-Adhered Flashing: EIFS/Stucco Tape by Protecto Wrap is a self-adhered, rubberized asphalt membrane with a polyester top surface.

Then AkroGuard is spray, rolled, or brush applied to the entire substrate to create a continuous barrier. AkroGuard complies with ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Water Resistive Coatings (AC212) and meets the ASTM requirements as an air barrier.

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