OmegaGuard (Water Repellent)

Product Description

OmegaGuard is a silicon-based, clear, non-yellowing water repellent designed to seal porous, cement-based substrates such as stucco, brick, masonry, and other concrete surfaces. When properly applied, OmegaGuard will offer long lasting protection from the elements while retaining the surface’s natural appearance and vapor permeability.

Basic Uses

OmegaGuard is designed for use as a water repellent for a variety of porous, vertical substrates.

1. Stucco 2. Masonry 3. Poured-in-place and/or Tilt-up concrete 4. Cementitious surfaces 5. Approved interior products 6. Porous tile, brick, stone, and slate

Downloadable Files

Product Data Sheet | SDS | Brochure