ColorTek SmoothCoat Exterior Stucco

Product Description

ColorTek SmoothCoat is a premium, factory blended, portland cement-based stucco finish used to create a smooth Santa Barbara or Mission type finish. It is manufactured from the highest-grade portland cement, hydrated lime, graded aggregates, and specific additives.

SmoothCoat comes in the following bases:

♦ Base 2 (grey)
♦ Base 10 (white)
♦ Base 1 (white/grey)
♦ Base 5 (dark grey)

SmoothCoat may be colored in the field using the Omega ColorPak system. For added convenience, SmoothCoat is also offered as a factory mixed colored stucco. Minimum quantities may apply when ordering factory blended products.

Basic Uses

ColorTek SmoothCoat is intended for use as a decorative, low-cost, low-maintenance finish.

1. One coat stucco 2. Brown coat 3. Existing Stucco 4. CMU/poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete/masonry 5. Approved Omega base coats and/or cementitious finishes

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