Product Description

AkroCoat is a 100% acrylic-based coating that provides a durable, integrally colored finish, which has been specially formulated to be applied over high pH substrates, such as new stucco and masonry. AkroCoat offers excellent efflorescence and alkali resistance on cement-based surfaces with a pH up to 13. Breathable with great dirt pickup resistance, AkroCoat will enhance the appearance of any properly prepared, approved substrate.

Basic Uses

AkroCoat is designed for professional results on properly prepared exterior and interior surfaces and where an extremely washable, flat finish is desired. Ideal for adding accent colors, promoting color uniformity for repaired and modified Omega finishes, or changing existing colors of approved substrates.  Ideal for coating Omega’s cement-based stucco finishes, acrylic finishes, and base coats.

1. One coat stucco 2. Brown coat (if approved by local building code) 3. Stucco 4. Acrylic finishes 5. CMU/poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete/masonry 6. Approved Omega base coats and finishes 7. Approved wood 8. Fiber cement board siding 9. Properly prepared gypsum drywall (interior)

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