AkroFlex Malibu

Product Description

AkroFlex Malibu Finishes are 100% acrylic-based finishes using the latest Dirt Pick-up Resistance (DPR) technology, which can produce a variety of textures depending on the aggregate size and application method. Malibu Finishes will enhance the appearance of any plastered structure by providing a flexible, durable, integrally colored finish.

Malibu Finishes are available in the following textures:

♦ Malibu 12 (~1.5mm): For Coarse Sand-like Finishes with Slight Worm Driven Appearance.
♦ Malibu 16 (~1.2mm): For Medium Sand-like Finishes with Slight Worm Driven Appearance.
♦ Malibu 20 (~0.8mm): For Fine Sand-like Finishes with Reflective Quartz Aggregate.
♦ Malibu Fine (~0.8mm): For Imperfect Smooth type Finishes with Irregularities.

 Malibu 16 2 Malibu 20 Malibu Fine

Basic Uses

Malibu Finishes are designed to be used with the AkroFlex EIF Systems and also as an interior or exterior finish. It is a suitable finish for AkroTique.

1. AkroFlex EIF System base coats 2. All Omega base coats 3. One coat stucco/brown coat/existing stucco 4. CMU/poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete/masonry 5. Properly prepared gypsum drywall (interior) 6. Other substrates as approved by Omega Products International

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