Product Description

ColorPak is a dry blended formulation of iron oxide pigments used to color ColorTek Stucco or other approved Omega products.

Basic Uses

ColorPak is intended especially for coloring ColorTek Bases.

1. ColorTek Exterior Stucco 2. ColorTek SmoothCoat Exterior Stucco

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100% Acrylic Interior/Exterior Finishes

OmegaFlex Finishes are 100% acrylic-based finishes using the latest Dirt Pick-up Resistance (DPR) technology. They provide a flexible, durable, integrally colored finish, which will enhance the appearance of any plastered structure. OmegaFlex Finishes may be sprayed or troweled to achieve a variety of texture options.

OmegaFlex Finishes are available in the following textures:
♦ Coarse (~1.5mm): For Heavy Sand-like Finishes.
♦ Medium (~0.8mm): For Medium Sand-like Finishes.
♦ Fine (~0.3mm): For Imperfect Smooth Type Finishes. Ideal for AkroTique.
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  • Exterior 2N1 Patch

    Portland Cement Patching Material

    Exterior 2N1 Patch is a fast setting, non-shrinking, portland cement-based material, which will limit the time spent in patching damage that may occur in exterior walls and/or stucco finishes.
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  • Bondcrete

    Plastic Type Bonding Agent for Cementitious Products

    BondCrete is a liquid bonding agent composed of a polyvinyl acetate homopolymer resin. Used to bond new portland cement-based and gypsum plaster products to existing properly prepared cement-based substrates.
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