AkroLoc (Acrylic Bonder),

Product Description

AkroLoc is a 100% acrylic polymer bonder or admixture for cementitious products. AkroLoc can be used in bonding new cement-based products to a variety of existing properly prepared substrates and as an admixture to reduce cracking and increase tensile, bond, and flexural strength of approved products.

Basic Uses

AkroLoc improves the adhesion between cementitious products and difficult to bond to substrates. Also, AkroLoc may be used as an admixture to improve performance of approved products. Meets ASTM C1059, Type II.

1. One coat products, plaster brown coats, and stucco 2. CMU, masonry, poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete 3. Approved Omega base coats 4. Approved cement-based products As an admix in: 1. Approved cement-based products 2. Liquid component in a sand/cement slurry coat NOTE: Contact an Omega representative for use in other products.

Downloadable Files

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