Diamond Wall Concentrate

Product Description

Basic Uses

Diamond Wall is designed for use as a base coat in residential and commercial wall assemblies. DWC provides an ideal base coat for the application of OmegaFlex or AkroFlex Acrylic Finishes and ColorTek Stucco. Diamond Wall Concentrate exceeds ASTM C926 and may be used in three coat stucco applications. For one coat stucco systems refer to ICC-ES ESR-1194 report.

1. Wood or OSB 2. Exterior grade gypsum sheathing/glass mat reinforced gypsum sheathing 3. Fiber board 4. EPS, XEPS, or polyisocyanurate foam boards 5. Masonry 6. Poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete 7. Other approved cementitious boards 8. Lath (three coat application only)

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