Super Cement

Product Description

Super Cement is a mixture of portland cement complying with ASTM C150 and proprietary ingredients that increase the workability and early strength of the product. Super Cement is an excellent alternative to plastic cement and meets or exceeds job site requirements for portland cement-based plaster. Super Cement is available either as fibered or non-fibered.

Basic Uses

Super Cement is designed for use in the production of portland cement-based plaster in accordance with Table 21-A and 25-F of the Uniform Building Code, Section 2512 of the International Building Code, or ASTM C926. It is an acceptable alternative when portland cement with Gibco or lime is specified.

1. Approved lath 2. Masonry 3. Poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete 4. Other approved cementitious substrates

Downloadable Files

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