Product Description

RynoTex is an acrylic-based textured coating that may be roller or spray applied to create a light to heavy sand textured appearance. Using the latest dirt pick-up resistant (DPR) technology. RynoTex creates a long-lasting, low maintenance, integrally colored finished over a variety of approved substrates.

RynoTex is available in the following textures:

♦ Coarse: Heavy Sand-like Finish
 Medium: Medium Sand-like Finish
 Fine: Fine Sand-Like Finish

Basic Uses

RynoTex coatings are designed to create a sand-like textured finish over new or existing, exterior or interior, properly prepared walls.

RynoTex may be applied over the following substrates: 1. One coat stucco 2. Brown coat (if approved by local building code) 3. Stucco 4. Acrylic finishes and existing EIF systems 5. CMU/poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete/masonry 6. Approved Omega base coats and finishes 7. Approved wood 8. Properly prepared gypsum drywall (interior)

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