E-FX Admix

Product Description

E-FX Admix is designed to help reduce efflorescence and improve the performance in approved cement-based stucco products. When added to the material, E-FX Admix will offer long lasting protection from the elements while retaining the surface’s natural appearance and vapor permeability.

Basic Uses

E-FX Admix is added to fog coat, stucco and similar products to reduce efflorescence and improve performance.

1. OmegaCoat 2. Fog coat products 3. ColorTek Stucco 4. Cement-based stucco products 5. Other approved cement-based products

Downloadable Files

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100% Acrylic Interior/Exterior Finishes

OmegaFlex Finishes are 100% acrylic-based finishes using the latest Dirt Pick-up Resistance (DPR) technology. They provide a flexible, durable, integrally colored finish, which will enhance the appearance of any plastered structure. OmegaFlex Finishes may be sprayed or troweled to achieve a variety of texture options.

OmegaFlex Finishes are available in the following textures:
♦ Coarse (~1.5mm): For Heavy Sand-like Finishes.
♦ Medium (~0.8mm): For Medium Sand-like Finishes.
♦ Fine (~0.3mm): For Imperfect Smooth Type Finishes. Ideal for AkroTique.
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