Product Description

AkroLastic Finishes are 100% acrylic-based, elastomeric, textured finishes. They provide enhanced elasticity and a weather resistant finish, which when properly applied will enhance the appearance of any plastered structure. AkroLastic Finishes help bridge the hairline structural and shrinkage cracks inherent in traditional portland cement-based plaster construction.

A variety of texture options are possible when spray or trowel applied, such as AkroLastic Malibu, AkroLastic Delta, AkroLastic CircleTex, and AkroLastic Semi-Smooth.

Basic Uses

AkroLastic Finishes are designed to be used with the AkroFlex EIF Systems and also as an interior or exterior finish.

1. AkroFlex EIF System base coats 2. All Omega base coats 3. One coat stucco/brown coat/stucco 4. CMU/poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete/masonry 5. Properly prepared gypsum dry wall (interior) 6. Other substrates as approved by Omega Products International

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