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  • RapidPrime

    Acrylic Priming Agent (formerly OmegaFlex Primer)

    Omega RapidPrime is formulated for use as a priming agent under all Omega textured finishes, coatings, and similar products to promote bond strength, color consistency, and uniform suction, while increasing water-resistance and finish coverage. It offers excellent efflorescence and alkali resistance on cement-based surfaced with a pH up to 13, such as new stucco, concrete, and masonry.
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  • Color Bottle System

    Liquid Pigments for Adding Color to Select Omega Products

    The Color Bottle System is a factory blended, premixed liquid coloring system providing an accurate method for adding pigments to the AkroFlex Finishes, OmegaFlex Finishes, and other approved Omega products that require liquid integral color.
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