Product Description

Omega RapidPrime is formulated for use as a priming agent under all Omega textured finishes, coatings, and similar products to promote bond strength, color consistency, and uniform suction, while increasing water-resistance and finish coverage. It offers excellent efflorescence and alkali resistance on cement-based surfaced with a pH up to 13, such as new stucco, concrete, and masonry.

NOTE: RapidPrime replaces OmegaFlex Primer in the Omega product line.

Basic Uses

Omega RapidPrime is formulated for use as an interior or exterior priming agent.
NOTE: Not for use in an EIF System.

1. Omega base coats 2. One coat stucco 3. Brown coat 4. Stucco 5. CMU/poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete/masonry 6. Drywall/gypsum sheathing

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