Product Description

StyroAdmix is a 100% acrylic admix that is field mixed with Omega’s acrylic finishes and portland cement to create an adhesive and base coat. StyroAdmix saves contractors money, by allowing them to create an economical base coat and/or adhesive from leftover AkroFlex or OmegaFlex finishes. This base coat/adhesive can be used to coat and attach EPS foam shapes or as leveling coat over approved substrates.

Basic Uses

Mix StyroAdmix with select Omega AkroFlex or OmegaFlex finishes and portland cement complying with ASTM C150 to create a base coat and/or adhesive to coat and attach EPS foam shapes. The mix can also be used as a skim coat and as part of the Omega Crack Isolation System. Coarse finishes should not be used as a base coat.

Downloadable Files

Product Data Sheet | SDS