Product Description

Monomix is a creative plastering product consisting of portland cement, dry polymers, graded aggregates, and other proprietary additives. Monomix provides the applicator with a durable, carvable, paintable base coat ideal for creating sculpted features.

Basic Uses

Monomix can be used as a carvable base coat over approved substrates that can be painted or otherwise covered with a variety of finish materials.

1. Cement backer board 2. Masonry 3. Poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete 4. One coat stucco 5. Brown coat 6. | Exterior stucco  1. One coat stucco 2. Brown coat 3. Masonry 4. | Poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete 1. EPS architectural foam shapes

Downloadable Files

Product Data Sheet | SDS