Product Description

OmegaCrete is a premium, one component, polymer-modified cementitious coating  designed to create a smooth finish on poured-in-place, tilt-up, precast, or other concrete  surfaces. Specially formulated to be easily applied over these porous substrates, OmegaCrete will cure to become an integral part of the wall while maintaining the wall’s durability and breathability. OmegaCrete is an excellent choice to cover bugholes, honeycombs, and other small imperfections in concrete surfaces to produce a clean, uniform, smooth appearance.

Basic Uses

OmegaCrete is designed to be a skim coat finish over vertical or overhead concrete substrates to create a clean, smooth, cement appearance. It may be left exposed, sealed, or painted. OmegaCrete can be used in interior or exterior applications.

1. Poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete 2. Precast concrete 3. Stucco/Brown coat 4. Masonry – CMU, brick, and porous stone or tile 5. Other approved, porous substrates

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100% Acrylic Interior/Exterior Finishes

OmegaFlex Finishes are 100% acrylic-based finishes using the latest Dirt Pick-up Resistance (DPR) technology. They provide a flexible, durable, integrally colored finish, which will enhance the appearance of any plastered structure. OmegaFlex Finishes may be sprayed or troweled to achieve a variety of texture options.

OmegaFlex Finishes are available in the following textures:
♦ Coarse (~1.5mm): For Heavy Sand-like Finishes.
♦ Medium (~0.8mm): For Medium Sand-like Finishes.
♦ Fine (~0.3mm): For Imperfect Smooth Type Finishes. Ideal for AkroTique.
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  • ColorTek Exterior Stucco

    Portland Cement Stucco Finish

    ColorTek is a premium, factory blended, portland cement-based, stucco finish manufactured from the highest-grade Portland cement, hydrated lime, graded aggregates, and specific additives. ColorTek comes in various aggregate combinations that allow design flexibility and a variety of finish textures.

    The following aggregate combinations are available:
    ♦ Coarse: Used to create heavy laced, sand, or machine dash finishes.
    ♦ 16/20: Used to create traditional, sand, or machine dash finishes.
    ♦ 20/30: Used to create a fine texture or sand finishes.
    ♦ 30/30: Used to create a uniform fine sand finishes.

    ColorTek comes in the following bases:
    ♦ Base 2 (grey)
    ♦ Base 10 (white)
    ♦ Base 1 (white/grey)
    ♦ Base 5 (dark grey)

    ColorTek may be colored in the field using the Omega ColorPak system. Alternatively, ColorTek is offered as a factory mixed colored stucco. Minimum quantities may apply when ordering factory blended products.
    Product Page | Product Data Sheet | SDS

  • OmegaGuard (Water Repellent)

    Silicon-based Sealer

    OmegaGuard is a silicon-based, clear, non-yellowing water repellent designed to seal porous, cement-based substrates such as stucco, brick, masonry, and other concrete surfaces. When properly applied, OmegaGuard will offer long lasting protection from the elements while retaining the surface’s natural appearance and vapor permeability.
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