Product Description

OmegaBlock Cementitious Waterproof Coating is a premium, one component cementitious coating designed to waterproof concrete and masonry. It is manufactured with cement, sand, polymers and other proprietary components that combine superior waterproofing qualities with the durability of a cement coating that becomes a part of the substrate. OmegaBlock is easily applied using a roller, brush or a sprayer.

Basic Uses

OmegaBlock is used on recommended substrates to waterproof basement walls, retaining walls, fountains, reservoirs and any other substrate requiring a durable waterproof finish.

1. Concrete 2. Stucco/Brown coat 3. Masonry – CMU, brick, and porous stone or tile 4. Cement mortar beds 5. Other approved, porous substrates

Downloadable Files

Product Data Sheet | SDS