Product Description

DryBond is a dry blend, polymer-modified cement that when mixed with water at the job used as an adhesive and base coat for EPS foam shapes. Additionally, it may be used in the Omega Crack Isolation System and as a leveling coat over approved substrates.

Basic Uses

DryBond is designed for use as base coat for the Omega Crack Isolation System and AkroGold DEF Systems, an adhesive and base coat for EPS foam shapes, and a skim coat over approved substrates in residential and commercial wall assemblies. DryBond also provides an ideal substrate for the application for AkroFlex, OmegaFlex, and ColorTek finishes.
NOTE: Cannot be used in EIFS applications.

As an adhesive to attach EPS foam to: 1. Paper-faced gypsum sheathing, 2. Fiberglass mat-faced gypsum sheathing, 3. Cement backer board, 4. Masonry, 5. Poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete, 6. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, 7. Other approved cementitious substrates

As a base coat over: 1. EPS foam board, 2. Fiberglass mat-faced gypsum sheathing or cement board, 3. EPS foam shapes

As a skim coat over: 1. One coat stucco, 2. Brown coat, 3. Masonry, 4. Poured-in-place and/or tilt-up concrete,  5. Painted or acrylic based surfaces

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