AkroFlex Reinforcing

Product Description

AkroFlex Reinforcing Meshes are alkali resistant, woven glass fiber fabrics specially designed to be used with AkroFlex EIF Systems and other approved Omega base coats. Meshes are available in a range of weights that provide different levels of strength and impact resistance.

Basic Uses

AkroFlex Reinforcing Meshes are designed for adding impact resistance to the AkroFlex EIFS Systems and AkroGold DEF System. Certain meshes are also intended for use over architectural foam shapes or approved Omega base coats.

The following Reinforcing Meshes are available:

♦ Heavy Duty Mesh (20oz): For locations needing the highest impact resistance, such as ground floors and high traffic areas.
♦ Intermediate Mesh (11oz or 15oz): For locations needing additional impact resistance, such as medium traffic areas.
♦ Standard Mesh (4.5oz): For locations needing standard impact resistance, such as second stories or other low traffic areas where impact is unlikely.
♦ Starter Mesh (4.5oz, 9.5 inch): For back wrapping and detail work.

1. AkroFlex EIF System base coats 2. All Omega base coats 3. Omega Crack Isolation System

NOTE: Weights are ±10%.

Downloadable Files

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